people have torn down a piece of
the big stigma
around getting help for mental health issues.

tear down a piece of the stigma now
  1. The Stigma around mental health kept me from asking for help.

    “I was young and too ashamed to voice that I needed help. Looking back, the reasons that I didn’t seem silly but at the time extremely daunting. I thought others would think less of me, and see me as a failure. After getting help, I learnt the mental health issues I was going through were a natural part of life. I now attribute my success in life to the decision to seek help.”

    - Sara, 23tear down the stigma now
  2. I struggled with anxiety for over a year before I spoke up.

    “None of my family or friends had opened up to me about mental health. Two years ago, I thought I’d never wake up feeling ‘normal’ again. Getting help was one of the most terrifying things I’ve ever done, but also the best thing. As soon as I found the right help, my life improved dramatically, and it continues to do so every day.”.

    - Charlie, 21tear down the stigma now
  3. I saw myself as weak.

    “I used to perceive myself as unable to deal with life, which in turn made me more depressed. It’s a vicious cycle. Once I sought help, I felt like it was normal to struggle. I actually felt brave for walking through the doors of my local headspace centre. I was set on the road to recovery and I’m proud to say that today I’m finally able to cope.”

    - Trent, 24tear down the stigma now

What is the stigma around getting help for mental health issues?

Mental health issues are really common.

Every year, 4 in every 16 young Aussies experience a mental health issue. But 3 of those 4 won’t get the help they need.

There are many reasons why, but stigma plays a major role. Stigma is all the misconceptions, beliefs and fears held about getting help for mental health issues. Not seeking help can have negative effects like making it harder to finish study, get a job and maintain friendships.

You can help tear it down for good.

The more we share, the more we talk, the more we tear it down.